Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When God Does Not Seem to Answer Prayer

"Don’t let the delay in getting the gift (answer), despite your persistent appeal, fall in your despair. For, He has offered to reply to (your appeals) in a way He chooses for you rather than what you choose for you and at a time He desires rather than the time you desire."

If you insist on getting instant responses for your prayers, it shows your impatience and your incapability to understand the way, manner and method of His responses. He may be delaying the answer to give it in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time. Since you do not know what is good for you today and what will be good for you tomorrow and even what was good for you in the past, let Him decide on the time and manner of the answer. By showing frustration and impatience over not getting what you aspired, you are really doing an injustice to yourself.

(Ibn 'Ata'illah. The Book of Aphorisms. Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur. 2010. p.4-5)

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