Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Becoming The Physician of The Heart

There are many points of the world and there is one Point if God, The Truth. Until you come to this one Point, you are considered as crazy. But once you reach this one Point, you become the physician, the physician of compassion and love, and then you can give treatment. Then you will not look medicine for the patient.

First, your qalb should go and connect to that love, your smile should go and connect to that smile, your water should go and put out that fire, your compassion should go and cure the suffering, your good qualities should go and change the bitterness within him that prevents him from drinking, and your honey should go and change the water of birth.

In this way, the countless thoughts of God should go and change the thoughts and embrace the heart. Do not embrace the body, embrace the heart. The heart should embrace the heart. If you embrace the heart, the illness will leave. You will not need any medicine. If you can first treat the heart, then giving medicine (later) is easy. The medicine will work later. But if you do not treat the heart, the medicine will not work.

If you add milk to boiling water, the milk will not settle; it will splatter from the pot. First you must still the water before pouring in the milk. Then it will remain in the pot. If you plant a seed while the earth is moving, the seed will be swallowed by the earth. But if you first level he earth and then plant the seed, it will stay where you plant it, and will grow and give benefit. The benefit of medicine is like this, the benefit of wisdom is like this, the benefit of good qualities is like this, and the benefit of curing illness is like this. First you must comfort a person and then treat him. First you must become a doctor and a human being. This learning is learned on the inside. We must think of this.

(Bawa Muhaiyyaddeen. God's Psychology: A Sufi Explanation. p 19-20)