Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Becomes From Within

Possess and there will be loss.
Try and there will be failure.
Struggle and there will be defeat.

To arrive, unloose.
To discover, yield.
To trust, empty.
To receive, honour.

What seems complicated is simple and easily followed
because it is not given from without but becomes from within.[]

By Remaining Still

The gift of the Tao is greater than any gift.
How can it be given?
By remaining still when others cannot control their giving;
By remaining still when others cannot control their taking.
When there are mountains, water flows away from them.
When there are valleys, water flows into them.

It is the moving stillness between man and woman that is their greatest gift to each other.
Trust the stillness.
Be still together and it will move.[]

Beyond Measure

There is something between man and woman that the five senses cannot find.
Listen and there is silence.
Smell and taste… nothing.
Touch emptiness.
Eyes have never seen it.
Where is its height and width and depth and weight?
Words say it is something yet it cannot be measured.
It is given and not earned, received but not taken.
It happens to us and for us and with us, yet it cannot be found.
That which cannot be found cannot be lost.
Without measure it is beyond measure.[]

Practicing For Now

Water does not flow upward to the mountain's separating but downward to the sea's joining.
Man and woman are the downward course of each other.
Flow with each other and move together ever downward toward the sea's joining.
Be moved, be carried, be taken willingly by the primal urge. It is infallible.
From the very beginning it has been practicing for now. []