Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Impossible is Nothing

"When you strike out along your path, you will find a door with a phrase written upon it," says the master. "Come back to me, and tell me what
the phrase says."

The disciple gives himself to the search, body and soul, and one day comes upon the door, and then returns to his master. "What was written there was 'THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE,' he says." "Was that written on a wall or on a door?" the master asks. "On a door," the disciple answers. "Well, then, put your hand on the doorknob and open it."

The disciple obeyed. Since the phrase was painted with the door, it gave way just as the door itself did. With the door completely open, he could no longer see the phrase -- and he went on.

- Paulo Coelho -


Ten years ago my cousin had a verdict from her doctor that she’d no longer had a chance of having a baby due to her illness, the doctor said, “there is slight possibility that you will be able to get pregnant.” And now she lives happily with her two children.

When my late father got hospitalized in ICU because of stroke, I had to raised a large amount of money overnight, it was an unbearable numbers at that moment, even though I’ve tried very hard to collect here and there. It was then at the very last minute the day after when I got a phone call from a very best friend of mine saying that “The money is already in your account..”. It turned out that he managed to mobilized some friends to make donation for my father.

There are many things in life that seem difficult or impossible for us to get through, yet at the same time God always shows His Might and settling things done before we even know it and sometimes with a very unpredictable way. It is us that bound ourself in a despair and act negatively each time we encountered with problems, and often forget that God is Greater than any difficulties we’ve ever deal before us. Therefore we unconsciously belittling God with our pessimism.

The tricky part is, sometimes a person have to be in a situation where he can no longer expecting help from anything or anybody, because only then he can see clearly how God works with His own ‘hands’ in the most elegant way.

I learned a lot from my father’s illness, it’s a beautiful experience, when God taught me that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

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