Monday, November 3, 2008

God's Will Be Done

The master says:
"If a decision needs to be made, it is better to make it and deal with the consequences.
You cannot know beforehand what those consequences will be.
The arts of divination were developed in order to counsel people, never to predict the future.
They provide good advice, but poor prophecy."

In one of the prayers that Jesus taught us, it says, 'God's will be done.' When His will causes a problem, it also presents a solution.
If the arts of divination were able to predict the future, every soothsayer would be wealthy, married and content."


Everyday we're always facing a situation where we ought to make a decision.
It is from the very beginning when we open our eyes in the morning, we decide whether we are going to get out of that bed or to crawl back to our comforting bed. We decide whether we take sunny side up for breakfast or just a cup of black coffee - perfect to keep our head up after a lousy sleep. Up to the point where we have to choose whether to stay in the company or play our guts - doing our own business. Or hey! even you choose whether to marry Ed or Joe (don't complain, that's the name that pops out in my head right now;).

The point is, when you make your own decision, then you are the one who have to take the consequences. It all come in one package.
So, when you decide to quit your job and try a new business who happens to go south, DON'T WHIMPERING.
When you choose to marry Ed and he turns out to be a pain in the ***, DON'T REGRET your decision.

Whatever had happened in our life is precious in God's point of view. Whether it is a dark history, terrible past experience, anything we feel sorry for it to happened in our life. SWALLOW IT, and STOP WHINING about it. Because all of that has formed us the way we are now. Remembering what Jesus said, 'God's will be done'. This life of ours is God's creation, so embrace it instead of cast it away.

Only then, we can start to look forward to our present and future life.
Only then, we can live fully our life...


the writer said...

tessa, i think in this journey, we have to admit that part of us, is a modern, post modern creature.

We are what we read, we are the music the we listen to, we are our friends, parents, God's form us, He also who made us what we are now.

and for me, becoming a "wanderer" is a constant struggle to release from all of those mundane things, and trying to see all in one, God
s wisdom eyes.

We try to reach the one (a unity, nafs) which is not all of those.

These are our life struggle, our jihad and never deceived with a temporary spectacle and childish explosion.

All those in this mundane, is our divides soul.

We try to unite that. Be the One.

My Reflection said...

It is what it is my dearly glad to have you here. Thank you!