Thursday, June 12, 2014

True Happiness Lies In Finding Our Purpose of Life

"Every soul was meant for a certain purpose and the light of that purpose was kindled in that soul."

This whole universe is like one symphony and all souls are as different notes. Their activities are according to the rhythm of this symphony and their purpose is to perfect this symphony.

People are anxious to do something and wait for years and years, unhappy, in despair, waiting for that moment to come. It shows that the soul knows in its subconsciousness that there is a note to strike and the moment when it shall strike that note that soul shall be satisfied and yet does not know what note it is nor when shall be struck.

What is life, and what keeps us living in this world of limitation, world of continual changes, world full of falsehood and world full of suffering and trouble? If there is anything in this world that keeps us alive, it is hope. Hope, the honey of life.

There is not one soul in this world who says, "Now, i'm satisfied; i have no further desire." In everyone, whatever be the position in life, someone very rich or someone very poor, one full of life and the other ill, in all conditions, man is continually yearning and waiting for something to come, he does not know what, but he is waiting. The real explanation of life is waiting; waiting for something. And what is it that man awaits? It is the fulfilment of the purpose of life, which comes when the soul strikes that note; that note which is meant to be his note; and this he seeks, whether in the outer plane or the inner plane.

And man has not fulfilled his life's purpose until he has struck that note which is his note. And the greatest tragedy in life is the obscurity of purpose. When purpose is not clear, man suffers, he cannot breathe. He knows not what is the purpose, what he must do.

This life will present to him things that will interest him for the moment, but the moment he possesses that thing he will say, "No this is not it, it is something else." So man goes on, in an illusion, constantly seeking, and yet not knowing what he seeks.
Blessed is he who knows his life purpose, for that is the first step to fulfilment.[]