Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spirituality in the Midst of Life

Spirituality is not in a long face and deep sigh.
No doubt there are moments when you will sympathize with the troubles of others; there are moments that move you to tears, and there are times when you must just close your lips.
But there are other moments when you can see the joyous side of life and enjoy its beauties.
Man is not born into this world for depression and unhappiness. His very being is happiness.
Depression is something unnatural. By this I do not mean to say that sorrow is a sin or suffering always avoidable.

We all have to experience both in life, to accomplish the purpose of life.
We cannot always be smiling.
There is no spiritual evolution in ignoring either side of life. Spirituality is in every side of life. As long as one is not bound, it is not sin to stand in the midst of life.
Man need not go into the forest, away from all people, to show his goodness and virtue. Of what use is his goodness and virtue if he buries himself in the forest?
It is right in the midst of life that we have to develop and express all that is beautiful and perfect and divine in our souls. []