Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to progress in the spiritual path in everyday life

In the first place one must keep one's heart tuned. Intuition becomes closed when the heart is out of tune. Every individual is meant to have a certain pitch. One cannot be too good and one need not be. The question is that one has to be harmonious, friendly and pleasant.

Depression, ill-luck, bad influences are removed just by keeping oneself in tune. If one is tuned one agrees, disagreement shows a lack of tune. If one is in tune one will have health of mind and body both, it is the greatest healing. There are difficult nature and people of different grades of evolution, but we must try to agree with all. Some say that one cannot remain really honest if one wants to please all. But one need not be dishonest in agreeing with another. The difference is that it is more difficult for a person of a lower state of evolution to understand a person of a higher evolution. By harmony one can hold oneself. The most important thing is to be in tune. WHen one person is in tune he will tune all others in time.

Sometimes it is difficult to get on with people, the best thing is to endure. The endurance of gold, for instance, makes gold precious. If a person has all good qualities but he has no endurance, then he has no control of himself.

A child is helpless, but a sign of being grown-up is that one is independent. An unevolved person is in the hand of conditions. Freedom comes with true evolution. Freedom is an illusion as long as the person is not evolved, it can be attain by evolution. Man begins as a machine, he works by influence. As he evolved there develops in him the faculty of The Creator, the faculty of The Maker, to make his own destiny. The greater master he becomes the greater the faculty will be. First he is the slave of destiny, but in the end man becomes master of his destiny. One has no choice when in being the slave of destiny, but afterwards, when one has becomes the master of his destiny, one has choice. Our motive is that the soul may evolve every moment of the day. The stage of the master is the fulfilment of destiny.

(Hazrat Inayat Khan)

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