Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Right Attitude of the Mind

When speaking of the question of the mental development of humanity, I should like to say that what is mostly needed in these critical times in the world is the right mentality. Every kind of the generation follows the wrong mentality means the attitude of mind. Wrong mentality is the wrong attitude of mind.

It is upon attitude of mind that the life of men depends - his rise, his fall, his success, his failure, his happiness, or unhappiness, all are mostly caused by the mentality. In these times when commercialism is reigning over the world and when competition has become the central theme, when one is desirous of getting the best of another, then man sees nothing else but his own benefit for which he struggles along through life.

Now the question is what causes the wrong mentality? The wrong mentality is like an obsession, which is caused by a certain absorption in certain direction of this dense earth. If one is entirely absorbed in collecting wealth, he does not think for one moment of anything else in life. His whole mind is concentrated upon it, his every effort is directed to it. Then he knows nothing else but this object which blinds him, making him regardless of all virtues of love and beauty to his fellowmen, of righteousness, of his obligation to his dear ones, those who are near him, and his relation and duty to God.

Not only one thing, there are many such things - love of power, of rank, of position, fighting for all things of this world. When a man is fully absorbed he loses his balance. But by this it does not mean that earthly comfort, convenience or advantage is not for a man. It is all for man if he does not lose his poise over it, if he does not allow himself to be wholly absorbed in it. To have a right mentality, does not mean that a person should leave the life of this world. If he left it, it would not be the right mentality. Right mentality is to have a direction through life which leads to the object of one's mind, of one's heart, of one's soul.

(Hazrat Inayat Khan)

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