Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Meaning of Islam

My love you my grandchildren. You are young children who have yet to grow up, and there are certain things you must do in order to progress correctly. you must live like human beings, you must acquire the qualities of God, and you must put those qualities into action. Therefore, I am going to tell you  a little story to explain the meaning of Islam. This is just a very short explanation.

Islam is the word God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Mustafar-Rasul, the last prophet. Islam means brotherhood. Islam means unity. Islam is the state in which there is no enmity, no fighting, and no opposition. That state is called Islam.

Iman is a state of perfect faith, certitude and love of God. Iman is the state in which the heart has completely surrender to God and all trust has been placed in Allah, both for what has already happened and for what is still to come. You must think about this.

Islam does not mean war or fighting; it is a state of brotherhood in which all lives are equal. To establish and build a state of equality is Islam. Islam means a state of peace and equality in which all living creatures live as one family. In Islam the king and beggar are equal, the rich and poor are equal. It is a community in which there is neither color nor racial prejudice. That state of equality and peacefulness is Islam.

God created six kind of lives, countless numbers of them, and they are all free. God made His kingdom to be shared by all. Paradise, firdaus, the world of the soul and the kingdom of God are for everyone equally. Everyone can take whatever they like from His kingdom. Everyone has a right to live in this world. The sun, the moon, the stars, jinns, fairies, angels, heavenly beings, creatures of the sky, and creatures of the earth - everyone has the right to live peacefully in this world. That complete plenitude is called Islam.

There is no revenge in Islam, no falsehood, no sin, no stealing, no murder, no selfishness, no jealousy, no separation of 'you' and 'I', and no pride. All praise and praising must be given to Allah alone, exalted be His name. Islam means giving all trust to God, the Creature of everything, He created the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the soul, and the kingdom of the world as common property for all. Everyone can live there in peace and be treated equally. This is what is called Islam. To maintain this state of common, rightful ownership of the world is Islam. Islam does not claim the earth as its own, it does not claim fire as its own, it does not claim the sun, it does not claim the moon, it does not claim the sky, it does not claim land, nor it claim riches. That is not Islam.

God declares, "To be vengeful is not Islam. Whoever realizes that this wealth is held in common in Islam. And whoever takes this wealth for selfish reasons lives in hell. Whatever man holds onto himself in this world will torture him in hell; whatever he cherishes for himself will take him to hell. If a person wants Me, he must bring Me compassion, love, good intentions, good thoughts, and love for all living creatures. Whoever searches for these qualities, develops them, and brings them to Me will be free in this world and in My kingdom.

To accept all lives is Islam, Islam does not hate or seek revenge or hold grudges. Islam is forgiveness. What is past is past. If some fault was committed, you should forgive, offer salams, embrace, and praise God. That is Islam. If a person does something wrong, that is that, it is forgiven. That is Islam - not to keep a grudge or to be angry or take revenge. That is how Muslims flourished during the time of Muhammad saw, not through vengeance. They grew in a state of unity.

(Bawa Muhaiyaddeen)

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