Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Transition and Global Imbalance

Oneness is very simple: everything is included and allowed to live according to its true nature. This is the secret that is being revealed, the opportunity that is offered. How we make use of this opportunity depends upon the degree of our participation, how much we are prepared to give ourselves to the work that needs to be done, to the freedom that needs to be lived. The opportunity is everywhere at the same time, because this is the nature of oneness. And it is totally individual, because it respects the divine oneness that is present within each atom of creation, embodied in every human being. Human being have the unique capacity to live this oneness consciously, to know and live their own uniqueness, their own participation in the whole. This is His gift to humanity, and with this gift comes also the free will that allows us to make mistakes, to miss the opportunity that is being given. We are capable of continuing with the same ego-oriented goals that have dominated our cultures for centuries and of using the tools of oneness to further these aims. Then the power structures that have access to these tools will become very powerful on a global scale and a certain imbalance will become irreversible. Finally these power structures will self-destruct as they are not meant to continue into the next millenium. But their destruction could be catastrophic and cause much pain and suffering. Humanity would then have to rebuild itself from the debris of the past. This has happened for before many times – one has only to remember the destruction caused by the Third Reich in the last century. Or looking back further, the Dark Ages in Europe that followed the downfall of the Roman Empire, and empire that had become unbalanced and corrupted with power. However, as the present power structures become global, it is likely that their downfall will have a global effect, rather than being contained within a country or continent. Chaos on a global scale is a very real possibility – and the ecological state of the planet offers visible warnings of this. But there is also the possibility that this transition to a new era can be made without a global disaster. If enough people access the new energy of oneness over the next few years and learn to use it according to its higher potential, then there can be healing rather than destruction. How this will happen is not yet known, except that people and groups are being positioned throughout the planet to create a container of energy that will minimize the destructive effects of this transition. They are creating a cocoon of love and power that can help humanity where the need is greatest. Every time of transition is dangerous as well as full of potential. We need to know that we are supported and contained, that we are being helped. We need to know that the Friends of God and their helpers are with us, guiding us, directing the currents of love and wisdom as they have done for millenia.[] (Llewellyn Vaughan Lee. “Working With Oneness”. The Golden Sufi Center. California, 2002. p.12-14)

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