Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Gift of Wholeness

Human beings have a deep hunger to regain a conscious connection with their own wholeness. We are collectively tired of the forces that isolates us within our ego-oriented life, that offer us only a fragmented sense of our self. We long to regain our wholeness and natural sense of being. And yet as a culture we seem to have lost our way. As we move faster and faster down the track of self-absorption, we encounter more feelings of inadequacy. We have lost touch with the simplicity of being and sadly look to material wealth to fill this void. Even spiritual seekers are only too often preoccupied with achieving, developing, becoming something other than what they are. With more and more effort we chase the illusive image of what we think we need. Wholeness is always present. If we do not know that our own wholeness is present, we won’t recognize it or open to it when it is offered. Wholeness can be difficult to recognize because it is complete; it does not function through comparison, through the opposition of light and dark. It is difficult to recognize wholeness through our ordinary modes of perception, by defining it against what it is not. Wholeness is so lacking in all the attributes of success and achievement that we do not value it. It is so completely different from the hierarchical power structures that have dominated our collective landscape for so long that we do not know how to assess it. It does not play power games or try to achieve anything. And wholeness does not give position or preference. Nobody is higher up the ladder, whether this ladder is of worldly success or spiritual achievement. Rather each person is complete in herself, and in her natural sense of completeness is able to participate fully in the life of the whole. Just to recognize that this wholeness is present is the first step; then we must realize that it is given, that we do not have to achieve it. The only requirement is to leave behind the patterns of conditioning that tie us to hierarchical models of achievement and failure. This is done by admitting that we are tired of this model, tired of the demands of success, exhausted by the struggles of failure. We are so conditioned by the idea that we have to struggle for what we want that it can be revolutionary to realize that we are being given something that only requires our acceptance and participation. Before, we had to work to regain our wholeness: we had to turn inward, meditate, purify ourselves, do battle with the ego and patterns of conditioning. Now our wholeness is being given to us without restriction. No initiation is needed; there are no loevels to be achieved. A quality of oneness is being made freely available to humanity. We just have to accept the gift. What had been hidden within us, accessible only to those who made the inner journey, is now being made visible. The oneness that is our essential nature is being revealed. The work of those committed in service is to make this known so people can recognize what they are being given and make use of this opportunity. We need to know that a consciousness of oneness is present, not as a distant promise or an abstract idea, but as a reality that exist within and around us. What had been a secret, accessible only to initiates, is being made available to everyone. The internet is a relatively new model of universal consciousness in which knowledge, or information, is readily available to anyone, anywhere. All that is required is a computer and a connection and one has instant access to a unified body of knowledge and the potential for interconnecting with everyone else who is on the internet. The unified connectivity presented by the internet has been long known to the mystic, who in meditation has access to a dimension of oneness in which everything is simultaneously present, and all knowledge is accessible. The experience of samadhi or superconscious state, happens on this plane of oneness. But the internet presents a model of a unified consciousness that is accessible on a more physical plane, to anyone who has access to a computer. As we stand at the beginning of this new era, we can use the tools and opportunities that are being given to further our material domination of the planet and our own ego-driven desires. Those who have the more direct access of these tools and understand their potential have the possibility of becoming immensely wealthy – wealthy on a global scale. Alternatively, we can step aside from these patterns of the past that are based upon competition and domination and begin to recognize the real potential of what we are being given. We can use our access to oneness for a higher rather than lower purpose. We can enable something to be given to the whole of humanity, and also to the planet of which we are the guardians. We can help the seeds of oneness reveal their real potential, to flourish and grow, and so enable certain fundamental changes to take place to the whole of life[] (Llewellyn Vaughan Lee. “Working With Oneness”. The Golden Sufi Center. California, 2002. p. 9-12)

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