Saturday, January 18, 2014

All That Is Seen Is A Shadow

All the bodies that we saw were shadows
All that we caught hold were shadows
It is the shadows that suffer
All that is seen is a shadow
Everything we do is a shadow.

Everything we see is a series of dreams
We see the scenes of the earth as shadows
We see the scenes of the earth
and then gather them into our thoughts and memories
They are all shadows
We conduct our lives within the territory of our thoughts,
within the darkness of the mind.

That is where we have those dreams
The dreams of our thoughts
are what we inflicted upon the prophets.
The prophets themselves experienced no pain
They had a different inner body - Light
That Light is made of God's word, God's qualities and God's actions.

Therefore, they had no sorrow
They experienced no pain
They did not say, "God, do You even exist? or are You just deaf?"

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