Thursday, January 17, 2013

A wife complaining about her husband

There is an amusing tale in India. It is told that a housewife went to a magnetiser and asked him if he had anything to say or to help her trouble at home. The magnetiser asked what was the trouble. The housewife said, "Everyday when my husband comes home, he is in a bad mood, and there is everyday a quarrel."
The magnetiser said, "It is very easy. I will give you some magnetic sweets. What you must do is to keep one in the mouth,  especially at the time when he comes home."

She was very happy  to think that these magnetic sweets may help her in life. And so it happened. The man who used to become nervous and excitable when he came home, and found no answer to  his irritation, he, after being a little uncomfortable, became quiet, for there was no stimulus to his agitation. When two or three day passed, he began to value his wife so much, he thought, "What a great improvement!" He began to see his own faults and began to blame himself, how foolish he was himself and how good was this housewife.

After a few days the wife had finished the sweets, she went to the magnetiser to thank him and said, "I would give anything if you would give me a lot of that sweets, it is such a wonderful sweet. It has brought harmony in our home, he is so kind and good to me now, all things are changed because of the sweets.

The wise man said, "My good lady, it is not the sweets, it is the lesson which was behind it. The secret was in keeping the lips closed."

(Hazrat Inayat Khan, January 1923)

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